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Effective Anger Management Counselling in Melbourne

Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group providing effective counselling for anger problems that can truly change men’s behaviour for the better.

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  • Getting frustrated and exploding?
  • Angry with the people you care about most?
  • Doing things that left you feeling guilty and ashamed?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, out of control and confused?


  • To stop hurting your loved ones?
  • To stop exploding?
  • To learn new ways to express yourself?
  • A better way of life for your partner, family and yourself?


  • Feeling scared, pressured, humiliated or controlled is never the result of being really loved?
  • Being loved leads you to feeling respected, safe, valued and free to be who you really are?

Real Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from men who have taken the steps towards creating a better life.

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  • "This program can be a very sobering experience. It is worthwhile. Anything worthwhile is already worth a little extra effort."
  • "Excellent for making men aware of what ‘abusive Behaviour’ actually is and excellent for giving them tools to control their behaviour."
  • "Very good, positive influence helps you evaluate yourself and your situation."
  • "Level one taught me what to look out for. It gave me new tools to recognize the affect of my behaviour on others."
  • "I would strongly encourage you to do this. Look at it from behaviour change point of view if anger management does not sit comfortable."
  • "Highly recommend it. It is worthwhile for the entire family, not just for them. Not as difficult as what he thought it would be."
  • "He has continued to control is anger. It has now been 20 weeks without holes in the wall."
  • "If you are hesitant about the program, we all were!"
  • "I would say if you really love her/them then ask yourself: Do you want to change? Do you want to be respected by your family?"
  • "What did you like most about this program? I like the change I am starting to see in myself and my time with my wife."