I believe that men can change their behaviour.

I believe that with the right support and encouragement, men can change their behaviour. Men have a rich inner life with a wide emotional range; however, some men have not had the opportunity to develop the skills needed to express these emotions in a constructive way.

There is more than one way for a man to act and be. He has choices that need to be recognised. Participating in counselling is a sign of strength, not an act of weakness or an admission of failure. Taking action to resolve an issue or address a problem is a strong and responsible thing to do.

My approach is focussed on providing a safe and respectful environment where men and their families can reflect on their relationship and any emotions they may be struggling with.

My aim is to develop and enhance men’s capacity to grow and establish empowering ways for them to cope with challenging situations. This will result in richer and more rewarding relationships with those around them.


Program Goals

  • To help men lead a non-violent lifestyle
  • To help men identify, understand, and take responsibility for their behaviour, attitudes and emotional reactions.
  • To provide support and strategies that help men through their crisis of change from abusive behaviour to non-abusive behaviour.
  • To contribute to an improved, safer situation for family members and encourage men to treat women and children with respect and equality
  • Men are invited to help each other in a positive, open and supportive environment.