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Congratulations! I have been feeling very depressed about the recent coverage of FV and the constant shaming of men. With no exploration of their (our/my) humanity, their lives, or discussion about whether they can be helped, let alone any thought of whether we actually should help these men, or how. (admittedly, we’ve seen some horrendous behaviour by a few men in the recent coverage on the ABC) Just finished watching the show, and feel at last someone has offered some hope, some solutions – maybe not for everyone, but at least having a crack at it – and seemingly having some success. For me, this is the approach that I think will work for many men. It aligns with my experience of what sort of approach works with men in men’s groups. Congrats to the facilitators – beautiful work. Congrats to the men themselves – how beautiful is it to see men grow in themselves – be empowered to take a hold of their lives So inspiring, and hopeful. Thank you. Regards J.