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Jess and Sean

Dear Dave and Jaqui, Watching the documentary tonight really hit home for me. I was in tears when I first watched the trailer and have been every time I have showed it to friends and family, even more tears tonight through the whole film. I feel so blessed that Sean and I went through this journey with you both so early in our lives when we most needed you. We had a chance that many other men and women may have missed. We still use the tools you taught us today in our relationship two years later and we cannot thank you both enough. Group completely changed us both. The work you do is just amazing and I hope you continue to help families in Australia for many years to come, like someone said tonight you were born to do this job. Raising awareness is extremely important and that’s exactly what this documentary will do and from doing so, may save several families and perhaps even lives. I feel so lucky that we no longer need to attend group and that fear and abuse is no longer apart of our lives. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.