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Dave, Thanks again for your assistance with my life. I use your techniques in dealing with day to day issues every day. Its amazing how my life can change so much. My children aren’t afraid anymore. I can reason with them now. I can explain things to them without just telling them off with that loud voice. I think before I act. I think before I speak. I can listen to others when I usually did not. I have learnt to respect other peoples feelings and show my feelings as well. It has been hard and uncomfortable and still is. Its like I have two personalities the old and the new. The old is quick to react. The new is take my time think the issue through and don’t thought stack. Some responses from my family are : Gee dad your fun now. More laughter in the home. More hugs More talking even to the point where my children are saying that we talk a lot now. No alcohol! No smoking! Its awesome! Can you believe that your course has given me the strength to stop drinking and realise the damage that has caused, stop smoking 60 smokes a day with no other assistance like nicobate etc and get my health back. Why ? Because my life is back on track. Before, I really didnt care if I lived or died. The patterns of anger were showing through to my children. I think I have been able to turn my life around just in time for them to learn new ways of dealing with issues that hurt them while they can still learn quickly. Without you this cycle would have continued through to my children and their children. When you look at the big picture you have done a great service to me, my family and the community as a whole. Congratulations for a one stop service that has changed my life, and the lives of everyone around me.