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Hi Dave, It has been many years since I did your course and saw you on ABC tonight. In those days I was seeing my kids every second weekend and was struggling with anger. I want you to know that my kids still say I am a different dad, a happy dad, a dad they love. Before I met you they were scared of me just like I was with my father. We have an awesome relationship because of you. I still struggle to this day with anger. The difference is that I know the signs and I chose to be happy. I am in a job where I manager many men. I tell all of them that their kpi while on my jobs is to laugh, smile and have a happy day. My KPI for my foreman is that men want to work for them in a happy non threatening environment. Some men have come back to work and have said that their wives and partners have noticed a change in them. They are happy when they arrive home. Dave you have changed hundreds of peoples lives and still do to this day even though you are not here. You would have a laugh when on Construction sites the project manager, me, says ” I want you to be happy at work” and smile… Even the toughest blokes laugh… Forever grateful to you.