Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group

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Paul B

The UTAS Student Living Team would like to thank you both for your recent Let’s Change the Story two-day professional development. This learning experience was invaluable in leading the Student Living Support Officers to develop self-awareness and understanding of attitudes that contribute to domestic violence. Staff gave very positive feedback in relation to the safe space that was facilitated, giving the opportunity for individual staff to self-reflect and develop self-awareness in relation to the Cycles of Behaviour and understanding the elements of power and control. They also enjoyed learning from the role plays and the viewing of the documentary ‘Call Me Dad’; connecting with the courageous stories of individuals trying to make the change. Our team supports a diverse student population and we now feel better equipped to understand and assist our residents with their relationships and have an impact on positive culture. We value the contribution the Heavy Metal Group is making in relation to changing community attitudes and working towards safer and more resilient communities. We certainly look forward to future opportunities to build staff capabilities and the coping strategies of our residents who are engaging in tertiary education at the University of Tasmania.