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Creating a Safe Christmas for you and your family

17-Dec-2020 anger management, behavioural change, Conflict Resolution. 286 views.

Take care of yourself this Christmas and create a safe Christmas for you and your family. Here are Dave's tips to keep things civil and stress free with a focus on family this Christmas!


Male Menopause

21-Nov-2020 general, Men's Health. 219 views.

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting normal life, many older men with symptoms of male menopause could be experiencing more difficulty, with their mental health also being at risk.  


Supporting Your Teen Through Mental Health Challenges During Coronavirus

21-Nov-2020 behavioural change, general, Programs for Schools, Teenagers. 270 views.

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a challenging time for both teens and parents, with everyone spending much more time at home than usual and teens missing out on regular schooling and social activities. This disruption to routines can take a serious toll on mental health.


HMG interview on 3MDR

24-Oct-2020 Media. 490 views.

David appeared as a guest on 3MDR on the 6th of October on the imaginary friends show. Listen to the full interview.


A change for the better

15-Oct-2020 Media, general. 550 views.

Members of the Heavy METAL (Men's Education Towards Anger & Life) Group are taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge in October. As seen in the Dandenong Star Journal


A proposed law which could see coercive control abusers jailed

15-Sep-2020 general, Media. 634 views.

A proposed law which could see coercive control abusers jailed, as discussed on the Drum ABC 15th September


The Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer

08-Sep-2020 general. 418 views.

This October, the Heavy M.E.T.A.L (Men’s Education Towards Anger & Life) Group is  taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!


How to ask someone R U OK?

07-Sep-2020 647 views.

Asking isn't always easy ... but it could save a life


The signs it might be time to start a R U OK Conversation

07-Sep-2020 442 views.

What are the signs that someone might need you to ask R U OK?


Supporting your mental health

14-Aug-2020 Apps and Resources, Communication, general, Men's Health. 679 views.

2020 has been a challenging year.  With everything going on in the World, the regular pressures we encounter from day to day have not gone away.  For many families, it has amplified.  A lot of people have been stood down, lost their jobs and unsure of the future.  People who were used to being out working every day, are suddenly at home either trying to work from home or look for work.  Regular releases such as attending the gym or going out for mates is much more difficult.  There is a major disconnect.  It is natural that during these times our mental health is not at its best.  Some people may be handling it better than others.  While you may be a person that is often looking out for others or putting on a brave face to keep things running, it is important to support your own mental health needs.


COVID should spur us to tackle a cultural epidemic - men’s violence

21-Jul-2020 Media. 1144 views.

During the past four months of lockdowns, countries around the world have reported an increase of up to 25 per cent in domestic violence. The change, for some, has meant that their lives are confined to the most dangerous environment possible. This is a harsh reality with which we must reckon if we are to save lives endangered by domestic abuse, a threat that predates and will outlive any virus.


Common Mental Health Challenges for Men

05-Jul-2020 general, Men's Health. 1156 views.

In the past and maybe even still today Men feel they cannot speak out about their Mental Health issues. While the stigma that once surrounded men’s mental health issues is improving, it is still very much there and this needs to change. Male suicide was the leading cause of death in males in 2018.