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Help Javen get to Cambodia

13-Feb-2019 general, Media, Teenagers. 566 views.

Let’s all get together and help support this young man who is working towards helping others in need. Follow the link and hear his request.

Help Javen get to Cambodia

Javen is 15, and has decided to participate in the 2019 World Challenge! For those of you who don't know what World Challenge does, it provides school expeditions and amazing experiences to students across the world and assists developing third world communities.

Javen will be travelling Cambodia with 20 of his fellow school friends for 22 days, where they will help build much needed sanitation buildings (Yes Toilets, something we all take for granted), chook pens and other tasks that will assist the villagers in these communities. This experience will be invaluable, both to Javen and also the community in Cambodia where he will be travelling to.

The travellers will also get to experience the diverse culture and landscape of Cambodia, they will be immersed in sights and tastes and people that will create a life long memory!

Javen has never travelled outside of Australia, it was only this New Years Eve that he travelled outside of his home state of Victoria, making it to Echuca! This experience will be amazing!

To get to Cambodia, Javen needs to raise a total of $6450. This covers flights, accomodation and meals.

No matter how small your donation, every dollar will be one step closer to helping Javen reach his goal.

If you want to help Javen get to Cambodia, here is a link to his Go Fund Me: Help Javen get to Cambodia

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