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Male Menopause

21-Nov-2020 general, Men's Health. 187 views.

Understanding the Male Menopause and Mental Health - 
With the COVID-19 pandemic halting normal life, many older men with symptoms of male menopause could be experiencing more difficulty, with their mental health also being at risk.  

According to mrDr.com.au, many men in their 40s and 50s do report symptoms such as:

  • reduced physical strength;
  • a degree of muscle loss;
  • mood swings and irritability;
  • loss of libido;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • changes in sleep patterns;
  • reduced energy;
  • depressed mood; and
  • lack of motivation

These symptoms can often be attributed to aging or reducing levels of testosterone levels.  They can also be an indication of an underlying medical condition, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol and drug abuse or a side effect from medications.  On top of implementing healthy lifestyle choices, it is important to seek a consultation with your GP for a health check up .

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