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White Ribbon Day 2018

19-Nov-2018 anger management, behavioural change, Domestic Violence. 285 views.

White Ribbon Day is Friday, 23 November. This year's theme is "Together, we can end men's violence against women in our community." Here is how you can get involved.


Q & A Call Me Dad Screening

10-Nov-2018 Media, anger management, behavioural change, general. 289 views.

If you missed the Q & A at our recent screening of Call Me Dad, check out the video!


Dandenong Star Journal - Hard road to make change

08-Nov-2018 Media, general. 315 views.

The Dandenong Star Journal recently printed an article highlighting the recent 24 Hour Marathon held at Hallam Senior College


ABC Gippsland Interview - Podcast

25-Oct-2018 Media, anger management, general. 319 views.

Listen to the Podcast from David's interview with ABC Gippsland promoting the screening of Call Me Dad


Interview with 3mdr Radio

23-Oct-2018 Media, anger management, behavioural change, general. 250 views.

On Tuesday October 23rd, David appeared on The imaginary friends show on 3mdr radio to talk about Call Me Dad. Check out the podcast.


Star Journal - Hard road for change

21-Oct-2018 355 views.

The Star Journal has published an article talking about the achievements of the students from Hallam Senior College in raising funds from the 24 Hour Marathon and to promote the upcoming Call Me Dad screening.


ABC Gippsland: Finding the Right Support

19-Oct-2018 Media, anger management, general. 524 views.

ABC Gippsland recently featured David and the Call me Dad event on their Facebook page and interviewed David on air.


Male suicide

14-Oct-2018 Men's Health, anger management, Masculinity, triggers. 624 views.

Lifeline suggests that males are committing suicide at a rate 3 times higher compared to women.  On average it was equating to around 41 male deaths by suicide every week in Australia. It is a very real problem that we need to acknowledge and start talking about.


24 Hour Marathon - Hallam Senior College

27-Sep-2018 Domestic Violence, general, Programs for Schools. 477 views.

The students of Hallam Senior College recently completed a 24 Hour marathon to raise awareness for victims for family violence and to promote the upcoming screening of 'Call Me Dad.'


A child's behaviour is like an iceberg

16-Sep-2018 Parenting, behavioural change, Communication, Relationships, Teenagers. 1778 views.

When you look at an iceberg, on the surface you are only seeing a fraction of what is really going on underneath. Underneath is a jagged, complicated mass of problems.  Much like a Child’s behaviour.  What you see on the surface, is not a true reflection of what is really going on underneath. As a parent, when a child misbehaves or lashes out, we need to look past the surface.  90% of what is going on is actually underneath the surface.  Is our child getting everything they need?


ABC documentary 'Call Me Dad' explores what happens when violent men try to change

16-Sep-2018 anger management, behavioural change, Domestic Violence, Masculinity, Media, Men's Health. 561 views.

Call Me Dad' follows a group of men through a behaviour change program for family violence perpetrators who want to change


"Call me Dad" Screening and Q & A Panel

06-Sep-2018 anger management, Domestic Violence, behavioural change, Media, Men's Health, Relationships, Parenting. 1305 views.

Screening of "Call Me Dad" Thursday 1st November 7pm-10pm at Hallam Senior College.