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Depression over the holidays

01-Jan-2019 747 views.

While there is a myth that suicide increases over holiday periods such as Christmas, it is simply not true. Historically, suicide rates are usually at their lowest in December. What is however a possible risk over the holidays is depression.


Domestic Violence reports increase over the Christmas period

06-Dec-2018 Domestic Violence, anger management, general, behavioural change, Bullying. 1000 views.

Historically, police and emergency services will tell you that they always expect a peak in reports of domestic violence incidents over the Christmas period. What causes these spikes in incidents?


Toxic masculinity: Helping men understand the impact of their behaviour

01-Dec-2018 anger management, Domestic Violence, Men's Health, Media, behavioural change, general, Masculinity. 1223 views.

Article by ABC NEWS: We're in the group therapy room in an unremarkable building among the business parks of Sydney's outer suburbs. Bob is here to take part in a men's behaviour change program that addresses domestic violence.


Rising levels of domestic violence has experts seeking solutions

26-Nov-2018 Media, anger, anger management, behavioural change. 666 views.

Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group was recently featured in a write up with the courier mail - Rising levels of domestic violence has experts seeking solutions


The only way violent men can change is if they want to

25-Nov-2018 behavioural change, anger, anger management, Domestic Violence, general. 865 views.

Article posted from ABC NEWS: Shifting the culture that fuels domestic violence will take generations, experts say. Until then, one strategy for stamping it out is men's behaviour change programs. But do they work? ABC News was allowed inside one to find out.


Death from domestic violence

19-Nov-2018 anger management, behavioural change, Domestic Violence. 900 views.

According to White Ribbon, in 2017 there was an average of one woman killed every week as a direct result of domestic violence. This year, that number has grown.


White Ribbon Day 2018

19-Nov-2018 anger management, behavioural change, Domestic Violence. 511 views.

White Ribbon Day is Friday, 23 November. This year's theme is "Together, we can end men's violence against women in our community." Here is how you can get involved.


Q & A Call Me Dad Screening

10-Nov-2018 Media, anger management, behavioural change, general. 476 views.

If you missed the Q & A at our recent screening of Call Me Dad, check out the video!


Dandenong Star Journal - Hard road to make change

08-Nov-2018 Media, general. 519 views.

The Dandenong Star Journal recently printed an article highlighting the recent 24 Hour Marathon held at Hallam Senior College


ABC Gippsland Interview - Podcast

25-Oct-2018 Media, anger management, general. 524 views.

Listen to the Podcast from David's interview with ABC Gippsland promoting the screening of Call Me Dad


Interview with 3mdr Radio

23-Oct-2018 Media, anger management, behavioural change, general. 417 views.

On Tuesday October 23rd, David appeared on The imaginary friends show on 3mdr radio to talk about Call Me Dad. Check out the podcast.


Star Journal - Hard road for change

21-Oct-2018 789 views.

The Star Journal has published an article talking about the achievements of the students from Hallam Senior College in raising funds from the 24 Hour Marathon and to promote the upcoming Call Me Dad screening.