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Family Violence Statistics

20-Dec-2016 285 views.

Coming into Christmas we know statistics in Family Violence is likely to be high based on statistics of previous years


Special pre Christmas class

16-Dec-2016 188 views.

A special class to explore the challenges that will test participant's learning at this time of the year


City of Casey Council is interested in supporting Heavy METAL programs

16-Dec-2016 187 views.

Heavy METAL Group and the City of Casey Council are discussing the possibility of a partnership


Call Me Dad at Peninsula Cinemas

16-Dec-2016 180 views.

Rosebud Film Festival screens Call Me Dad


White Ribbon Day Men’s Breakfast 2016

08-Dec-2016 208 views.

Guest Speaker: David Nugent


Featured in ABC News: Domestic violence counsellors call for more services for men

02-Dec-2016 174 views.

"If we're going to fix the problem with domestic violence, then we've got to fix the perpetrators"


Men's Group Phase 1

25-Nov-2016 210 views.

Last week’s session was a very empowering night for the participants of Phase 1. It was session 15 out of the 20 week program and the topic covered was Myths and Excuses


White Ribbon Day walk against violence

22-Nov-2016 217 views.

Friday 25th November, 12pm departing from Pakenham Library


Featured in Gazette Pakeham: Picking up signs of domestic abuse

19-Nov-2016 185 views.

EAGLE-EYED nurses and doctors at Casey Hospital are set to become better equipped to pick up on signs of domestic abuse in patients


Community Event at Hallam College

12-Nov-2016 378 views.

Hallam College successfully held a community event with the screening of Call Me Dad on the 26th August.


Upcoming Screening of Call Me Dad at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter Moore Park

04-Nov-2016 233 views.

A recent national survey indicated that 78% of people find it hard to understand why women stay in violent relationships and 51% think most women could leave a violent relationship if they wanted to. This shows that a large part of our society believe it’s a woman’s responsibility to leave an abusive man in order to ‘fix’ the problem. This makes little sense to those who work every day with violent and abusive men. It is time to turn our attention to holding the men using abuse responsible for change. “There’s no typical abuser, there’s no typical client, these men come from all walks of life” – David Nugent, Men’s Behaviour Change Counsellor, Call Me Dad.


Call Me Dad Film

28-Oct-2016 269 views.

Call Me Dad is a story about men who have perpetrated, or are at risk of perpetrating, family violence. At stake is the safety of children and partners, the stability of families, and the power we as a society have to intervene. These men struggle to maintain intimate relationships without resorting to abuse, physical or otherwise. We follow these men over several months, as they attempt to change themselves, and heal fragile bonds with their loved ones.