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She is not your rehab

28-Nov-2019 general. 1122 views.

Posted by She is not your rehab

My Dear Brothers

Many of you ask me what we mean by ‘She Is Not Your Rehab’ so I thought I’d put this list together -

1. She is not responsible for your emotional rehabilitation.

2. Your healing is your responsibility and yours to take initiative for and manage.

3. Any healing needed for you, cannot come at the expense of her healing, health and wellbeing.

4. She can support you but she can never do more for you than you are prepared to do for yourself.

5. Regardless of what anyone has done TO YOU, it is now time FOR YOU to take ownership of your own life and be committed to living it wholeheartedly enough to do any work needed. Your childhood trauma wasn’t your fault but your healing IS now your responsibility.

6. True change comes from genuine growth. Growth happens once we heal. Healing starts when we begin to FEEL our pain.

7. Hurt people inevitably hurt people because what we will not transform, we transmit on those around us and healed people do indeed heal people. The question is WILL YOU have the courage to heal?

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