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Upcoming Screening of Call Me Dad at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter Moore Park

A recent national survey indicated that 78% of people find it hard to understand why women stay in violent relationships and 51% think most women could leave a violent relationship if they wanted to. This shows that a large part of our society believe it’s a woman’s responsibility to leave an abusive man in order to ‘fix’ the problem. This makes little sense to those who work every day with violent and abusive men. It is time to turn our attention to holding the men using abuse responsible for change. “There’s no typical abuser, there’s no typical client, these men come from all walks of life” – David Nugent, Men’s Behaviour Change Counsellor, Call Me Dad.

04-Nov-2016 436 views.

Date: 21st November, 2pm

Location: Hoyts Cinema 16
Hoyts Entertainment Quarter
Moore Park 2021 NSW

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