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Cardinia Communities Safety-T-Net

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We highly recommend Cardinia Safe-T-Net as a great resource to assist Children and families by offering advice and information of who they can talk to when they are feeling unsafe.


The above wesbite Cardinia Safe-T-net s a great resource to help children and and families by providing resources and understanding of who they can talk to when they don't feel like they are safe! Here some of the great information they have on their website:

What does being unsafe feel like?

Sometimes we feel worried, scared, or angry and we are not sure why. We may be feeling unsafe. This is when we need to speak with someone.

I know I may be unsafe when

  • I worry about seeing someone again
  • I feel scared when I go to a certain place
  • I think alot about something that happened that frightened me
  • I worry about lots of things
  • I feel frightened about more things than others do

I trust my bodys signs and I trust my feelings

I listen to my body and my feelings.

Who do I call?

Sometimes problems feel to big to handle yourself. You can feel small, weak or scared when bad things are happening to you.

You do not have to sort it out yourself. It can take a lot of courage to ask for help.

Remember your five trusted adults? Who would you tell if something bad was happening to you?

Tell someone who can help. Tell someone in your Network or written on your Helping Hand. You can tell your trusted adults or you can call Emergency Services.

Emergency Services on 000 or 112 from any mobile phone

Emergency services such as

  • Police
  • Fire Brigade or
  • Ambulance on 000 or 112 from any mobile phone

You can also call Kids helpline
Phone: 1800 55 18 00

When you have a problem and you're not sure what to do:

  • Get away from whatever is happening.
  • Tell an adult you can trust.
  • Talk it over with someone in your network.
  • Keep on telling different people in your network if your problem is not being fixed

Visit www.cardiniasafetnet..com.au for further information.

Cardinia Shire children drew these pictures of when they feel safe.

All pictures belong to www.cardiniasafetnet..com.au

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