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City of Casey Council is interested in supporting Heavy METAL programs

16th December 2016. Reading Time: 1 minutes 841 page views.

David Nugent from Heavy METAL Group had a meeting this week with Councillors Cr Wayne smith, Cr Geoff Ablett and Cr Damien Rosario from City of Casey.

David presented to the councillors of the City of Casey this week.

The Heavy M.E.T. A.L Group is looking forward to developing a relationship with the council with the view that the Council will help support the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program so more families in the community can benefit from the services provided by our team.

Cr Wayne Smith, David Nugent, Cr Geoff Ablett and Cr Damien Rosario

For more information follow the link to our website: www.heavymetalgroup.com.au