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Fathers Day

5th September 2021. Reading Time: 1 minutes Men's Health. 1705 page views.

Being a father has its own challenges…. from the team at Heavy M.E.T.A.L. we send warm wishes on Father’s Day to all those dads who face these challenges with smiles on their faces. Father’s Day reminds us that our fathers have always taught us to never give up…. Keep moving ahead in life and achieving your goals… Happy Father’s Day!

If you know Father's Day is going to bring up tough emotions for yourself, a mate or a loved one, it can help to talk about it and have a self-care plan in place.

What are the signs someone might be having a tough time this Fathers' Day?

This Father's Day keep an eye out for the signs that could indicate someone's finding it tough or might need some extra support. Ask yourself,

Do they seem:

  • Moody?
  • Unable to switch off?
  • Concerned about the future?
  • Concerned they're a burden?
  • Lonely or lacking self-esteem?
  • Concerned they're trapped or in pain?

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