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Heavy Workload Is Worth It

15th April 2014. Reading Time: 1 minute Media, Programs for Schools. 844 page views.

Students at an Endeavour Hills school are taking part in some heavy metal.

But this is no rock band.

Instead, the group of 12 boys from Eumemmerring Secondary College are learning to get in touch with their emotions, better manage their feelings and understand their behaviour.

David Nugent, group facilitator and founder of the Heavy Metal (Men’s Education Towards Anger and Life) group is conducting the 22-week program.

He said the new endeavour was designed to promote self -confidence and behavioural change among his young peers as well as enhancing their general health and wellbeing.

The boys, aged 13 to 16, are also learning how to manager their anger and feelings as well as developing new social skills when dealing with friends, family, teachers and other figures of authority.

Mr Nugent said the program had proved popular and beneficial for the young students and many other local schools had expressed an interest in taking part in the initiative.

He said students had also been learning about impulse control, active listening and body language, while also enjoying some self-defence classes to help promote discipline and self-confidence and give them an outlet for their emotions.

As well as individual work, the students also participated in groups during the program, further promoting teamwork and social skills.

“The program helps students understand the alternatives to getting angry as well as helping them set social goals and help boost self-confidence and self-esteem,” Mr Nugent said.

“The first couple of weeks were tough, but with persistence we are really getting there.”

Following the completion of the course the boys will go to the Royal Victorian Aero Club for a special day when they will have the opportunity to go up in an aeroplane.

Mr Nugent said chatting with the students on a one-on-one basis, many had said they and their parents and families had noticed a change in their behaviour.

Mr Nugent also runs programs for adults which are designed to help men identify, understand and take responsibility for their behaviour, attitudes and emotional reactions and provide support and strategies that help men through their crisis of change from abusive to non-abusive behaviour.

Anyone interested in attending the Heavy Metal group can call David Nugent on 0401 766 877.

By Rebecca Fraser - Star Newspaper