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Women's FREE information night

4th July 2018 Reading Time: 1 minute General, Feminity, Behavioural Change. 1168 views.

The Team at Heavy M.E.T.A.L would like to invite you to a special free information evening, for women only, on Thursday 19th July 2018 from 7:00-9:30pm. The information evening will be held at the Library of Fountain Gate Secondary College, Josephine Avenue, Narre Warren.

Showing our boys to become good men

17th June 2018 Reading Time: 7 minutes Teenagers, Relationships, Parenting, Communication, Masculinity. 2990 views.

A son looks to his dad or a strong male role model to lead by example. The issue of masculinity is where they need the most guidance as it can become an unhealthy and toxic influence.

The importance of an equal relationship

4th June 2018 Reading Time: 5 minutes Equality, Relationships. 2382 views.

More than ever in today’s society, different groups are fighting for their right to be considered equal. Whether it is race, sexual orientation or gender, everyone deserves to be treated as an equal. It is a basic human right. Where this is often overlooked however, is in relationships. Are you in an equal relationship?

Re-thinking Masculinity

21st May 2018 Reading Time: 1 minutes Relationships, Parenting, Teenagers, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Equality, Men's Health, Masculinity, Feminity. 897 views.

A link to an article by Tim Winton. Re-thinking Masculinity; "How toxic masculinity is shackling men to misogyny".

New Domestic Violence Resource for 10-17 year olds

10th March 2018 Reading Time: 1 minutes Domestic Violence. 655 views.

What's OK at Home?

Alarming Rate of Bullying Among School Children

9th February 2018 Reading Time: 1 minutes Bullying. 600 views.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 students aged between 8-14 years experience bullying.

White Ribbon Australia

11th January 2018 Reading Time: 1 minutes Media. 556 views.

Free Women's Information Night

20th December 2017 Reading Time: 1 minute Media. 607 views.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

18th December 2017 Reading Time: 2 minutes Media. 727 views.

Featured in Pakeham Gazette: Verbal abuse is also family violence says perpetrator

30th November 2017 Reading Time: 1 minutes Media. 512 views.

“I never saw myself as a violent guy, I just thought I was a man who could get angry from time to time” “What I didn’t realise then is that my anger was a form of family violence."