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Signs of a Coercive Relationships and Impacts

20th April 2022 Reading Time: 9 minutes Domestic Violence. 1948 views.

Coercive Control is extremely damaging to a victim's wellbeing, particularly when it is perpetrated over a long time.

What are you entitled to?

3rd April 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes Anger Management, Behavioural Change. 934 views.

Male Entitlement and Abuse A man’s entitlement plays a significant role in domestic abuse. Perpetrators consider their abusive behaviour to be not only acceptable, but they also believe that it’s justified and that it’s their right and privilege to behave in this way.

Your Children are Watching

21st March 2022 Reading Time: 3 minutes Parenting. 728 views.

Research shows that family violence has long term, detrimental impacts on children. A child does not have to be a direct target of the abuse. Witnessing others being abused has the same impact on a child’s wellbeing and development.

Words Can Wound

16th March 2022 Reading Time: 2 minutes 621 views.

As a trainee facilitator with David Nugent, I’ve had cause to reflect on the many different types of family violence and how these types of behaviours present themselves.

Seeing red-anger and aggression

19th February 2022 Reading Time: 1 minutes Anger Management. 1011 views.

What happens when we let our most destructive emotion dominate? David Nugent, Psychotherapist and founder of the Heavy M.E.T.A.L Program was a guest speaker on ABC Radio - All in the Mind's weekly podcast.  Follow the link below to hear the podcast.

Fathers Day

5th September 2021 Reading Time: 1 minutes Men's Health. 1742 views.

Being a father has its own challenges…. from the team at Heavy M.E.T.A.L. we send warm wishes on Father’s Day to all those dads who face these challenges with smiles on their faces. Father’s Day reminds us that our fathers have always taught us to never give up…. Keep moving ahead in life and achieving your goals… Happy Father’s Day!

Masterclass May 2021

22nd August 2021 Reading Time: 1 minutes Men's Health. 1863 views.

This Masterclass was a weekend workshop held at Phillip Island that was designed to inspire and challenge participants. The participants attending or who had completed the Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 Program were invited to participate. The participants who participated in this workshop gained personal insights that empowered them to remove their masks and discover their true strengths.

The Trap Podcast - Hosted by Jess Hill

12th August 2021 Reading Time: 1 minutes 1697 views.

Participants from the Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group who work with David Nugent and his team were invited to participate in Episode 3 of the podcast. This podcast is a series about love, abuse and power. Hosted by Jess Hill, this podcast looks deeply at the abuse that happens in private, and in public, searching the world for answers to the questions that continue to confound us. Why does domestic abuse persist? Why do people become abusive? And what can we do to prevent it? From the Victorian Women’s Trust, this is The Trap.

When was the last time you had a proper conversation without wearing the mask?

11th August 2021 Reading Time: 1 minutes Men's Health. 1300 views.

When was the last time you had a proper conversation? One not over SMS or WhatsApp, or messenger, but a natural face-to-face conversation, a two-way exchange about something meaningful? Not a conversation about the weather or the traffic. A genuine face-to-face conversation is valuable when it comes to empowering Men's self-worth and helps with men’s well-being.

"Blokes, barbecue, bonfire, beers, bonding and bullshit"

9th August 2021 Reading Time: 1 minutes Men's Health. 854 views.

The team at Heavy M.E.T.A.L knows the importance of supporting other blokes. Whether you are an outback farmer or a city broker sharing experience with a safe network can be the best way to keep up mental resilience.