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Living with Adult Children Forum

6th March 2020 Reading Time: 1 minutes Communication, General, Parenting, Relationships, Conflict Resolution. 998 views.

Are you living with your adult children? Better Place Australia are hosting a FREE forum to provide practical tips to making living arrangements more enjoyable for everyone!

David talks to ABC Gippsland's reporter Rachael Lucas about the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program

2nd March 2020 Reading Time: 1 minute General, Media. 1024 views.

David talks to ABC Gippsland features reporter Rachael Lucas about his personal experience with managing his own anger issues, and how he came to establish the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program which has been running for the past 15 years in the Casey shire.

Australia is yet again looking for answers to our family violence epidemic.

21st February 2020 Reading Time: 2 minutes General, Domestic Violence. 1651 views.

Yesterday morning 31-year-old Hannah Clarke loaded her three children into the car for the morning school run, like so many mums around the country. What happened next is an act of cruelty that seems unimaginable. It’s left Australia yet again looking for answers to our family violence epidemic. If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence or family abuse, confidential 24-hour support is available through 1800 RESPECT.

Dave's interview on the Project

21st February 2020 Reading Time: 1 minutes General, Media, Domestic Violence. 1769 views.

The horrific events in Brisbane on Wednesday morning shocked all of us, but for those close to the Camp Hill tragedy, there were warning signs. Today, an expert’s putting forward an idea, which while radical, would certainly make a difference. Dave Nugent from Heavy Metal Group was interviewed by The Project on Channel 10

Bully Attack

20th February 2020 Reading Time: 1 minutes General, Programs for Schools, Bullying. 1000 views.

School bullies almost killed 12-year-old Adam in a vicious and unprovoked attack. His mum Monique is as angry as you'd expect her to be.

Inspiring Men to Engage " CHANGE" Whose Family Walk on Eggshells - A Workshop for Professionals

19th January 2020 Reading Time: 9 minutes General, Behavioural Change, Conflict Resolution, Men's Health, Anger Management. 981 views.

This workshop is not a presentation of an academic framework for understanding Family Violence but rather an opportunity to learn in a practical presentation some of the tools, which David Nugent has implemented for the last 15 years with hundreds of men.

Choice of Behaviour

10th January 2020 Reading Time: 1 minutes Domestic Violence, General, Mens. 1596 views.

Alcohol does not and cannot make a man abuse a woman, it is a “choice of behaviour” and alcohol misuse is frequently used as an excuse; by perpetrators, police, solicitors, judges and magistrates.

2019 Weekend Retreat

18th December 2019 Reading Time: 1 minutes Parenting, General. 1146 views.

Here are some highlights from our 2019 Weekend Retreat

Recommended Tips to keep things civil and stress-free this Christmas

18th December 2019 Reading Time: 9 minutes Men's Health, Domestic Violence, Behavioural Change, General, Equality, Communication, Parenting, Relationships. 1153 views.

Most of us look forward to the Xmas break after a busy year. With an ever-growing list of tasks to accomplish each day, it’s easy to let time with your partner and children slip down your priorities.  In the Heavy M.E.T.A.L Program we spend the last session of the year with our participants brainstorming ideas on how we can make this the best Xmas for our family. One thing us men often forget is that our loved ones are also looking forward to the holiday period so that they can spend time with us. This can be a stressful time as we are home usually more than we are normally as we are not working. We do not consider our family’s has expectations and plans of what they would like to do with us because they want to make the best of being with us while we are home. Often this can conflict with the ideas we may have been planning or expecting to do.

Nobody has the right to demean you .... NOBODY

15th December 2019 Reading Time: 1 minute Anger Management, Behavioural Change, Relationships, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Domestic Violence, Equality, General. 1782 views.

It is not necessarily physical blows that are the most harmful and I certainly do not minimise or dismiss the impact physical abuse has on a partner. In all the years I have been facilitating Mens Behaviour Change Programs and counselling men, it amazes me how as men we are quick to justify our position and quick to take our partners perspective as a personal attack and therefore believe we are justified to attack back.