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The Trap Podcast - Hosted by Jess Hill

12th August 2021. Reading Time: 1 minutes 1698 page views.

Participants from the Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group who work with David Nugent and his team were invited to participate in Episode 3 of the podcast. This podcast is a series about love, abuse and power. Hosted by Jess Hill, this podcast looks deeply at the abuse that happens in private, and in public, searching the world for answers to the questions that continue to confound us. Why does domestic abuse persist? Why do people become abusive? And what can we do to prevent it? From the Victorian Women’s Trust, this is The Trap.

The Trap is a harm prevention podcast, created by the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls (of which the Victorian Women’s Trust is Trustee). This project has been made possible thanks to the support of donors. Special thanks to the Phyllis Connor Memorial Trust of Equity Trustees Limited, Jo Baevski, a private donor, and The Bokhara Foundation.

View the Podcast here.