Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group
Mens education towards anger and life.


Testimonials from people who have experienced the effects of the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program.

Hunchy Longwarry

Don’t waste time. Life is to short. This will open your horizons and remove the blinkers. It did for me!

Andrew Bundoora

I seriously recommend it! As someone who cane from a family where a short fuse was vital and communication skills did not exist, I found it it extremely helpful in understanding how hurtful it can be to my family without being physically violent. It has certainly the best thing I have done to get in touch with my self.

Luke Moonee Ponds

At this stage I have only done three sessions and I am looking forward to the new term. It can really have a positive affect in every aspect of your life i.e work, social and family life. You feel a lot less stressed as you will learn not to argue and take ownership of your behaviour.

Steve Beaconsfield

If you are hesitant about the program, we all were! It is not that you have nothing to lose; you have everything to gain-it’s a rewarding time that benefits not only you, but your family and friends. It is a life time changing time that you control if you chose to do so.

Mario Narre Warren

Do it! It’s awesome! You learn more about yourself and how you treat others. It is a wake up call. I believe it should be compulsory in secondary schools. Thanks Dave.

Leigh Dandenong

Level one taught me what to look out for. It gave me new tools to recognize the affect of my behaviour on others. Phase 2 taught me how to handle situations positively which I never knew about. I have learnt to respond instead of reacting. I understand my wife is not attacking me, she is only trying to express her perception and that’s ok! I am coming back for more.

Adrian Brighton

How would you describe this course to another person who was thinking of doing it? Do It! It’s a great program for understanding emotions and reactions and how to control them.

Richard Coburg

Do it! Initially I thought I was in the wrong place, that there was nothing I could learn from this type of forum-some discussion, some issues seemed not to be relevant. But! Some other components are very worthwhile. The program is in someways relevant to everybody (male and female!) I believe the course has allowed me to be more receptive to others input.

Michael Gembrook

Encourage them to do it. They will get a lot out of this program. It’s well worth the money and time.

Steve Bentleigh

I would say if you really love her/them then ask yourself: Do you want to change? Do you want to be respected by your family? You might think you are respected but like I found they were scared to say otherwise. I would also say, you might think you are a great couple. I thought we were, we had our normal ups and downs. The fact is we are still together because I got off my ass and tried to make a change and she respects me for that although I have my days when I am still abusive. She knows it is a long road and supports me because I am trying. My daughter is even cheekier and relaxed around me because I am not so grumpy these days, she also supports what I am doing with this program. It’s great! Give it a go! It’s your ego not your family which will stop you.