Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group
Mens education towards anger and life.


Testimonials from people who have experienced the effects of the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program.

Darryl Pakenham

Believe in yourself! It takes guts to admit you have a problem.

Scott Cranbourne

Pick up the Bloody phone! It was the best move I ever made!

Darryl Pakenham

This program will teach you to listen and understand your partner, your feelings and learn ownership and self control.

Brett Langwarrin

Loved It! The results at home have been amazing I am cable of accepting who I was and what that meant and did to others. I am now a man who thinks about others and who makes choices because of that. Get over yourself and just do it! You have choices. If you truly love your partner and Kids you will find a way to do this. It may be uncomfortable but denial and blame are not going to help. This is the course to do if you want to stop your abuse, recognise its affects and to make the choice to change.

Steve Beaconsfield

What did you like most about this program? I like the change I am starting to see in myself and my time with my wife. I want to learn how to communicate better with my whole family to enjoy them more (and vice versa).

Sam Hallam

I am not the alone and I am growing into a better person. I should have done this along time ago. I really am appreciative of the person who gave me David’s contact details.


He has changed in so many ways – mainly he is respectful towards me and I feel safe with him. I have noticed that he listens to me more, lets me explain how I’m feeling instead of just listening to his. He is also making more of an effort to control his anger and is able to acknowledge if he is getting anger and then control it. He thinks, he listens! Time outs are great (he goes for a walk). Asks if I’m OK. Refers back to notes. He seems to “pause” and think before he responds when we have disagreements.


He has more controlled and is less angry and sensitive to things I might say, He does not bite back a easily. His coping mechanisms are a lot better.

Kate Warragul

He is able to deal with a little more pressure than he could before. He does not blow a fuse or erupt as quickly as he used to. I am looking forward to him doing phase 2.

Marie Epping

He manages his anger. He talks to me about his feelings, which helps him to stay level headed. Well worth it to strengthen your relationship and help with communication.