Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group
Mens education towards anger and life.


Testimonials from people who have experienced the effects of the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program.

Kylie Wonthaggi

I have noticed changes in Kevin when having constant support. Reduced yelling which plays a lot with my head. I believe for every women who finds herself in my situation, which seems never ending, would appreciate their partner doing this course. Baby steps but hopefully with time it will happen. A video that was shown during the program was an eye opener for Kevin. He said he saw himself for the first time.

Pia Burwood

His eyes have begun to open and the defences that blocked communication are crumbling.


Manages stress, anger & frustration more effectively. More open about his feelings. More patience. A lot calmer. More understanding. More committed to communicating effectively.


He has stopped making everything all about him. He is a better husband because he is more aware of when he starts his abuse and stops very quickly.

Robyn Parkdale

I have noticed HUGE CHANGES! A different man to what he had become, I’m starting to look at him as the man I had married so long ago. The depression has lifted.

Natalie Mt Eliza

I have noticed that Brian is able to control his temper a lot more, he is a lot more patient, and a much happier person to be around. He also listens to myself and the kids a lot more.

Sandra Ferntree Gully

He has continued to control is anger. It has now been 20 weeks without holes in the wall.

Leanne Port Melbourne

Deals with situations more rationally.

Gayleen Pakenham

He is calmer now; he still does blow off but will easily walk away and now knows how to manage himself.

Jodie Essendon

He is much more considerate and I think he may have stopped ‘playing mind’ games with me.