Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group
Mens education towards anger and life.


Testimonials from people who have experienced the effects of the Heavy M.E.T.A.L program.


If you want to change, this is the place to do it.


The course is definately worth doing. It has helped with our relationship ad helped to make us bother happier people. I had a husband who was an angry BARSTARD! Now I have a husband who listens, who talks to me and tries to fix our and his problems. I think all men should be made to do this. It’s a course that not only the man can benefit from but so can the rest of the family. Firstly because of less/no more fighting and/or abuse and the partners can use the strategies learnt by the men.

Kate Warragul

This is life changing! It is worth all the time and effort to get to. If you are serious about your family give this a go. It is one of the best things that has happened to us in a long time.

Marie Epping

Well worth it, will strengthen your relationship and help with communication.

Pia Burwood

A new lease of life. A breath of fresh air in the relationship A reason to be hopeful.

Mary Wantirna

It is an ideal vehicle for making men to live up to their responsibilities.

Kylie Wonthaggi

I believe for every woman who finds herself in my situation, which seems never ending, would appreciate their partner doing this course. Baby steps but hopefully with time it will happen.


This course requires commitment from any person wanting to do it. It requires commitment to change. Its hard work it’s challenging and you may to do it more than once. But it is life changing!


Educational for abusive people make them accountable for their actions and what they have to do if they ant a better quality of life.

Natalie Mt Eliza

Brian has learnt to acknowledge when his anger is building up, and is now able to control it. He has also learnt to see things from mine and others point of view. I would definitely recommend this course to someone thinking of doing it. Even if they don’t think their situation is bad enough to attend the course; give it a go anyway. You will definitely get something out of it. Also being involved in a group helps a lot, with confidence, self esteem and talking. The guys become great mates.